Cutlery, Plastic Meal Kit 6pc, Bulk, 250 sets per case

  • CAFETERIAS, EVENTS AND MORE: The cutlery in these kits is slightly smaller than average plastic knives, spoons, or forks. Their smaller size helps offers economical savings. It also makes these kits great for children's events, school cafeterias, and more.
  • INDIVIDUALLY WRAPPED: Each kit is wrapped in a plastic package. This is more sanitary than having bulk packaging. Customers and staff are able to grab what they need without touching the cutlery directly.
  • CONTAINS: Each kit contains a medium weight fork, knife, and teaspoon, as well as salt and pepper packets, and a napkin. The cutlery is made from medium weight polypropylene. Each napkin has a single ply construction and measures 12" x 13". A more economical choice than heavyweight cutlery kits.
  • CONVENIENT: This item is designed to be a one-time use item. Using disposable products saves time that would be spent washing stainless steel cutlery. Using a fresh set of cutlery for each person is sanitary.
  • TAKE-OUT, DELIVERY, FAST FOOD: This product is perfect for fast food restaurants, and restaurants offering take out and delivery. Convenient and sanitary, this product is also great for school and hospital cafeterias.