BreadWinner Sweepstakes

Feel like making some extra dough with an easy side-hustle and know someone that owns or manages a sports bar, restaurant, cafe, nightclub, or any other office related business?  

If the answer is yes, you could possibly earn some incremental income!  

How  can I earn commissions you ask?  

Tautala's is offering partnerships to those that would like to market our disposable products to their contacts, who are already buying all of these products, via a profit share plan! 

What do we need to invest to become a partner? 

No Money - No Purchases - No Memberships - No Inventory - No Packets - No Seminars - No Timesheets - No Recruiting!

If Tautala's covers all upfront costs what is required?

The only asset required is a willingness to call your contacts and pitch them to convert to you for the items that they are ALREADY buying!  

How can partners get customers to convert to Tautala's? 

Goodwill earned from existing relationships, laser focus on disposable supplies, and profitability pricing flexibility determined by partners so that we can always offer the best price! 

What products would you pitch to a sports bar as an example? 

Hand sanitizer, face masks, vinyl gloves, nitrile gloves, trash liners, cocktail napkins, dinner napkins, plastic cups, paper cups, and bathroom paper hand-towels and tissues.

What is the commission payment schedule for partners?

Commissions will be paid out to partners the day that Tautala's receives payment via Venmo, PayPal or ACH.  Credit card deposits are are usually made the next business day during the week.  

If you feel that you could leverage the infrastructure, products and e-commerce solution at Tautala's feel free to contact us.  

what do all businesses buy?

Trash liners and bathroom tissues, which we have in abundance!  So the potential market for you to target is massive - come get you some!